4 Ways To Use Aloe Vera For Hair Loss


Hair is often known as a crown of the head that can have a direct influence on the shape of a person’s face and can be an important point in the assessment of others about one’s appearance. In addition to influencing the appearance of a person, hair also has other functions, namely protecting the scalp from the heat of the sun and the cold eenvironment. The importance of hair in one’s health and appearance makes the hair care process must be done properly. The hair care process is done to get the hair condition that is beautiful, shiny, healthy, easy to arrange, shiny, and avoid various hair problems that can come over. For the above mentioned conditions to be achieved, the hair care process must be carried out routinely and consistently and in accordance with the characteristics of the hair itself.

Aloe Vera Treatment for Hair
Treatment of dry and fluffy hair will be different from oily hair treatment. The hair care process can be done using special ingredients in hair care products or using natural ingredients that have been known for a long time to treat hair. One of the most popular natural ingredients known for its efficacy for hair is Aloe Vera. AloeAloe vera according to wikipedia is a type of plant that has been known for thousands of years and is used as a hair fertilizer, wound healer, and for skin care. This plant can be found easily in arid regions of Africa. Various hair problems can be overcome by using aloe vera such as hair loss, dry hair, split ends and hair lengthening. How to lengthen your hair with Aloe Vera is an effort to grow hair naturally. To use aloe vera as a way to overcome hair loss, here are ways to use aloe vera for hair loss.

Peel aloe vera skin
The first step to do in using aloe vera for hair loss is to prepare the aloe to be used. Choose aloe vera that is still quite fresh with a large stem. Remove aloe with running water. Cut some parts about 5 cm aloe vera. Peel the green aloe vera skin to get a slimy piece of aloe vera. The mucus found on the piece of aloe vera meat that will be used in the process of hair loss treatment.

Clean hair from dirt and hair loss
Before applying aloe vera that has been prepared beforehand, clean the hair from dirt and the remaining remnants of the hair that are still in the head. The way to clean the dirt is by washing the hair without using shampoo so that it only rinses it with water. When finished rinsing, dry your hair only using a towel slowly.

Apply aloe vera to all parts of the hair
The next step in how to deal with hair loss using aloe vera is to apply slimy meat pieces from aloe vera that has been pre-prepared directly into the hair. In this application, all parts of the hair can be affected by mucus from aloe vera. Use a few pieces of aloe vera to give good results.
let stand and wash your hair as usual.
After all the hair is applied evenly by mucus liquid from aloe vera, the next step is to silence it for a while. After feeling enough, the thing to do as the last step of this process is to wash your hair as usual to remove the remaining mucus from the sweet aloe. Use a shampoo that is suitable for hair loss so that the aloe vera residue can be easily cleaned.

The four steps that must be done in how to use aloe vera for hair loss must be done repeatedly and consistently to be able to provide benefits in preventing hair loss. Besides having benefits for hair loss, in general there are other benefits of aloe vera on hair which are as follows:

  • Blacken hair, hair generally has a black color especially for Indonesians but can fade due to the influence of sunlight and the environment. Aloe vera through various ingredients can be useful for blackening hair.
  • Gives shine to the hair, in addition to blackening aloe vera hair can also make the hair shine so that the hair will appear more radiant.
  • Moisturizing and smoothing hair, natural ingredients and nutrients in aloe vera can help hair to become more moist and smooth.
  • Overcoming dandruff, another major benefit that can be obtained from aloe vera is its ability to overcome dandruff.
  • Overcoming oily hair, Aloe vera has benefits as a way to deal with oily hair through the mechanism of oil absorption and cleaning up oily hair causing dirt.
  • Stimulates hair growth, the benefits of aloe vera on hair are well known and one of  hem can be used in a quick way to lengthen hair. Long hair is obtained from the benefits of aloe vera which can stimulate hair growth.

Themanybenefits mentioned above provide evidence that aloe vera is a natural ingredient that has many benefits for hair when used correctly. This aloe vera is very suitable for those who prefer hair care using natural ingredients.

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