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Acne is an annoying disease, therefore it must be immediately eradicated. This is because acne can damage the skin and also cause clogged pores of the skin due to dirt and dust. Acne itself is a disease that must be given special treatment, can not carelessly provide acne medication to be applied to the skin. This is also due to facial skin being the most sensitive skin of all other parts of the skin, and if you mistakenly give treatment, the worst possibility is that your facial skin can become more severe and acne will multiply. Maybe a lot of us feel furious, upset, angry etc. about acne or acne scars. This skin problem may affect our confidence when meeting many people. Acne or Acne Vulgaris in medical terms is a lump that arises due to blockage of the pores or it can also be due to inflammation that occurs in the skin accompanied by blood and nana. There are many factors that can affect the emergence of this annoying skin disease. One of them is caused by infection due to P.acne, a diet that is not well maintained and healthy, hormonal instability, genetic factors (offspring), oil that is too much out of our skin, and others. There are so many ways available and many people have done it to get rid of this one skin problem. From treatment or facial to salon to using chemical products that can eliminate acne. For those of you who want to get rid of acne with natural ingredients and cheap and easy costs for sure. Let’s look further at How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally, even though this treatment method for removing acne is quite a long time but we don’t need to worry about the side effects that are harmful to our health and skin. Here are some ways to get rid of zits using natural ingredients:

Ascorbic acid-L contained in lemons serves to reduce the inflammatory problems that occur in our skin that has acne and has properties that can cleanse the clogged pores of our face. Lemon also has the function of side effects that are good for the skin to brighten and remove stains on our faces. How to use it as follows:

  • Sip one lemon first. Then press the lemon by rolling it, then cut it into 2 parts.
  • After that squeeze the lemon. Apply to the face with acne. Wait for approximately 15 minutes, then you can rinse with cold water and dry using a clean towel. Perform this treatment regularly 1x a day to get maximum results.

Orange Peels
Orange peels contain alpha hydroxy acid and also vitamin C which is very useful to clean the pores of the skin that are clogged with dust and dirt. The benefits of orange peel itself are good for removing dead skin cells. How to use it as follows:

  • Dry the orange peel first in the sun for a few days until the orange peel is completely dry.
  • Then puree the dried orange peel.
  • Give enough water to the orange peel powder and stir until the orange peel powder resembles a paste.
  • After that you can apply orange peel powder paste on the face that grows pimples and let stand for a few minutes until it dries. Rinse with warm water.


Who doesn’t know the benefits of this plant? oh yeah, aloe vera is a natural ingredient that is very effective in dealing with acne problems. Aloe vera itself contains a lot of active substances that are good for removing your acne from the surface of the earth. ups mean skin surface guys. What active substances are contained in aloe vera? a lot, including giberalin hormones and polysaccharides can kill the bacteria that cause acne. There are also antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E which are good for helping the healing process on the skin with acne. How to use it as follows:

  • Prepare in advance some strands of aloe (to taste). Cut the aloe vera into two parts so that we can easily take the gel in the aloe.
  • Cut the side of the aloe that has thorns so it won’t be exposed to our body. cut the top part of aloe to take the gel and then you can hold it in a clean container, it must be clean. Puree the aloe gel by using a fork or a tool that can smooth others.
  • Then you can apply the smoothed gel to the part of the skin that grows pimples. Leave for approximately 3-5 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Easy and cheap right? But keep in mind doing these treatments regularly to get maximum results.


Fornatural ingredients to overcome acne this one is no doubt. Garlic is one of the natural ingredients that is very effective and efficient in removing stubborn acne. Garlic itself contains compounds that are good for drying zits called thiacremonon sulfur compounds and garlic also contains allicinyang compounds that are antiseptic which can counteract various types of bacteria that cause acne. How to use it:

  • Blend the garlic first, then apply it to the part that has acne.
  • Let stand for a few minutes. after that you can rinse it with warm water.

To get maximum results, use garlic that has been mashed with apple cider vinegar before applying it to the face.


Perhaps many do not know that pure sugar contains the name AHA compounds (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and glycolic acid which is useful for cleansing the face of dead skin cells and removing acne and acne scars. Not only there, the benefits of pure sugar for beauty problems, sugar is the biggest enemy of bacteria because sugar can kill the cell wall of the bacteria that causes acne because basically these bacteria are not resistant to sugar. How to use pure sugar to deal with acne:

  • Only by making a ratio of 2: 1 that is 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water.
  • Mix and stir until it becomes a paste.
  • Apply a sugar scrub that has become a paste on the face that pimples or not, let stand for 15-20 minutes.
  • Afterthat you can rinse it with warm water and dry it.


These two natural ingredients are a combination that is very suitable and good in dealing with acne problems. Honey is a good natural ingredient and has long been known to have millions of good benefits for the skin because it contains hydrogen peroAloeVeraxide which is antibacterial. While the avocado itself is a fruit that is rich in vitamin E which can penetrate the pores of the skin and can reduce inflammation in our beautiful skin. How to use it:

  • Take avocado meat that is rich in vitamin E and place it in a clean container.
  • Blend the avocado flesh.
  • After smooth, add one tablespoon of honey and stir until evenly distributed.
  • You can also add lemon juice (optional). Apply this combination of honey and avocado to a face mask and apply to the blotchy part.
  • Let stand for 15-20 minutes. After that you can rinse it with warm water.


Ice cubes are ingredients that you can use to remove excess oil and dirt on the face which is the main cause of acne. Ice cubes themselves have a function to neutralize the skin and also reduce inflammation caused by acne itself How to use it:

  • Make sure the water you use for the basic ingredients makes the ice cubes sterile or clean of germs
  • Wrap ice cubes as needed by using a clean cloth Rub and let it sit on the face that pops up for a few seconds
  • Repeat this method several times on the part that pops up Perform this treatment regularly until the acne deflates.


Papaya is a natural ingredient that contains the enzyme papain which has a function to erode dead skin cells, and certainly contains antioxidants and vitamins that serve to whiten your face. Not only stop there, but the benefits of papaya, papaya content is also able to overcome the skin redness due to acne and also reduce inflammation in our skin. How to use it l :

  • Clean the papaya first and cut it into small pieces.
  • After that, puree the papaya to form a porridge Add one lemon or one tablespoon of honey (this is optional)
  • Apply to the area of the face that pops up Let stand for about 15 minutes to soak into the pores of the face After that, rinse with warm water and dry it.


Probably not uncommon that can help you to overcome the problem. The content of cucumber is extraordinary for the skin because this creeper has a content that is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin C, and minerals that have properties to remove toxins in our body, and cleanse and moisturize the skin to look fresher. How to use:

  • Cut the cucumber into the appropriate parts and apply to the face that has pimples and let stand for 15 minutes After that, rinse with warm water You can also use cucumber as juice with a mixture of lime.

This cucumber juice works to help the body cleanse and remove toxins from within.


The content of triclosan, hydrogen peroxide and fluoride are active ingredients that allow it to dry out acne and reduce inflammation in our skin. How to use:

Apply first the toothpaste on the pimple directly and avoid the process of applying toothpaste to all parts of the facial skin Let stand for about 2 hours or overnight Rinse using cold water and dry using a clean towel Note: back use of toothpaste on sensitive skin.

  • Use toothpaste that has low fluoride content. If possible, use toothpaste that has organic ingredients.

All the information about How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally do not have to spend money from free from acne. Hopefully this article is very useful for friends in overcoming the problem of acne. Although chemicals are classified as instant in dealing with acne, there will be many chemicals contained in medicines that can be used for effective effects on our body continuously. The use of natural ingredients does save a long time. However, there are many positive sides. contained in these natural ingredients.

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